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Generic Restriction Order Documents

The subject matter of this Inquiry, and the volume of documents likely to be relevant and necessary for the Inquiry to consider in fulfilling its terms of reference, mean that the Inquiry anticipates receiving a large number of applications to restrict the publication of information from police bodies and government agencies.  In order to facilitate the processing of large numbers of documents, and to avoid the need for the Metropolitan Police Service (and other state bodies) to repeat identical submissions over and over again when making applications for restriction of information within documents, the Inquiry has adopted a system which uses generic documents to record grounds, submissions and evidence which it is anticipated will be common to many applications for restrictions. The primary function of these generic documents, therefore, is to increase the efficiency with which the Inquiry is able to process the anticipated large volume of applications for restriction over relevant and necessary documents and thereby avoid unnecessarily delaying the substantive progress of the Inquiry.

The Inquiry’s approach to the production of such a generic set of documents is set out in paragraphs 8-13 of the ‘Protocol for the Imposition of Restrictions to the Publication of Documents and other Evidence Produced to the Inquiry by the Metropolitan Police Service’ (‘the Restriction Protocol’). The documents set out in the table below are the Open versions of the generic documents which have been produced pursuant to the Restriction Protocol.

In accordance with paragraph 11 of the Restriction Protocol, Core Participants and the media are now afforded the opportunity to respond to this material; any responses should be provided to the Inquiry by 4pm on 19 April 2018. This is an opportunity for Core Participants to make any observations they wish to make about the Open Schedule, which the Inquiry will consider before finalising the Open Schedule. This is also an opportunity for the Core Participants to respond with their own generic submissions and generic evidence, if they wish to.  Any such generic submissions and evidence will be taken into account as the Inquiry considers applications made by the Metropolitan Police Service (and any other state bodies to whom the Restriction Protocol applies) for restriction orders relating to documents.

19 Mar 2018Counsel to the Inquiry's explanatory noteInquiry
13 Mar 2018Open generic grounds for restrictionInquiry
04 Aug 2017Witness statement of CairoMetropolitan Police Service
27 Sep 2017Gisted witness statement of Christopher FarrimondNational Crime
28 Sep 2017Witness statement of Geoff BluemelNational Crime Agency
14 Feb 2018Fourth witness statement of Alan Pughsley QPMNational Police
Chiefs’ Council
22 Jan 2018SubmissionsNational Police Chiefs' Council
22 Jan 2018Table to accompany submissionsNational Police Chiefs' Council
14 Feb 2018 SubmissionsMetropolitan Police Service
29 Apr 2018SubmissionsNon-police, non-state core participants
29 Apr 2018SubmissionsPeter Francis
17 May 2018Counsel the Inquiry's noteInquiry

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