18 Dec 2020

As a public inquiry, all relevant and necessary evidence that the Inquiry considers as part of its investigations will be published, subject to any redactions.

Before a set of hearings start, general documents – such as annual reports submitted by the Chief Inspector of the SDS to the Special Branch Commander – relevant to the upcoming tranche may be published.

During hearings, all materials associated with a witness are published, subject to any redactions, as soon as they begin their oral evidence. Midway through and at the end of each day, a transcript of the hearing is published.

Materials associated with other witnesses and officers included in the relevant tranche but not giving oral evidence are published throughout the course of the hearings.

Before any materials associated with a particular set of hearings are published on the Inquiry website, the Inquiry shares the relevant materials it has gathered as part of its investigations, subject to any redactions, with non-state core participants and witnesses who are asked to provide evidence. These materials include, as a minimum, any document in which they are named or otherwise identified. Further information can be found in paragraph 40 of the Counsel to the Inquiry’s disclosure note regarding Tranche 1.