6 Aug 2019

Rulings on restriction orders will be announced as soon as practicable after the decision has been made.

There can be delays in publication as the Inquiry checks with other agencies that may be concerned that no information is being released which they wish to argue ought to be restricted, or in some cases to consult with witnesses on the wording of the announcement.

Looking at issues on a case-by-case basis means that submissions can be received from everybody involved, and that all sides of the argument can be discussed.

In some cases oral hearings are needed to then further clarify some of the points and to hear all objections fully. This process takes time because the Inquiry must fully consider all applications to ensure that this Inquiry is as full and transparent as possible.

The directions, rulings and orders page contains copies of any restriction orders made. Copies of the open versions of the anonymity applications are also on the website.