18 Dec 2020

In the normal course of events, a witness called to give evidence at open hearings will be expected to provide their evidence in public, in full view of those attending the hearing or screening venue.

However, witnesses can request special measures to protect restricted identities or information, or because of their health or location. Special measures could include counselling, a hearing loop or giving evidence via a video-link.

Those watching the live stream of the Inquiry’s Tranche 1 (Phase 2) evidence hearings at the Amba Hotel were able to see and hear all but two of the witnesses giving oral evidence. Following special measure applications, there was only a real-time audio stream at the Amba Hotel for “Madeleine” and HN 126. The Inquiry’s Tranche 1 (Phase 2) evidence hearings were virtual and conducted remotely due to restrictions in place as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.