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UCPI Opening Statements | Day 2

Tue 03 Nov 2020

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This hearing will be virtual and conduced remotely due to coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Oral opening statements on this hearing day will be streamed – in real-time – below. Recordings of the opening statements will remain available.

Live stream: morning session

Download video (MP4, 993MB)

Live stream: afternoon session

Download video (MP4, 1.7GB)
Hearing Details


Tue 03 Nov 2020


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Time/Order Item

10:00 AM

Peter Skelton QC (Metropolitan Police Service)

11:30 AM

Gerry Boyle QC (National Police Chiefs’ Council)

12:00 Noon

Richard O’Brien (National Crime Agency)

12:30 PM

Nicholas Griffin QC (Home Office)

2:00 PM

Oliver Sanders QC (Designated Lawyer Officers)

Associated publications


PublicationDateTypeReferenceDocument dateIndividualsHearing dayLink
Opening statement from the Metropolitan Police Service03 Nov 2020 09:48 AMOpening statementMetropolitan Police Service03 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 373.57 KB)
Opening statement from the National Police Chiefs’ Council03 Nov 2020 11:18 AMOpening statementNational Police Chiefs' Council03 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 777.98 KB)
Opening statement from the National Crime Agency03 Nov 2020 12:02 PMOpening statementNational Crime Agency03 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 47.86 KB)
Opening statement from the Home Office03 Nov 2020 12:22 PMOpening statementHome Office [Secretary of State for the Home Department]03 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 327.68 KB)
Opening statement from the Designated Lawyer Officers03 Nov 2020 01:55 PMOpening statementDesignated Lawyer officers03 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 579.84 KB)
UCPI Opening Statements | Day 203 Nov 2020 07:35 PMTranscriptDesignated Lawyer officers, Home Office [Secretary of State for the Home Department], Metropolitan Police Service, National Crime Agency, National Police Chiefs' Council03 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 505.28 KB)
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