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HN 2401


Management or back-office staff


Officer details

Cover name(s):


Real name:

Anthony Greenslade

Cover name status:

  • Cover name unknown
  • Real name status:

  • Unrestricted
  • Police unit:

  • Special Demonstration Squad
  • Tranche:

  • Tranche 1
  • Associated publications


    PublicationDateTypeRelated toReferenceDocument dateLink
    Annual Report 197302 Nov 2020Annual reportHN 2401MPS-072897506 Mar 1974Download (PDF, 2.29 MB)
    Annual Report 197402 Nov 2020Annual reportHN 2401MPS-073090622 Mar 1974Download (PDF, 3.92 MB)
    Special Branch report concerning an active member of the Fulham and Hammersmith Branch of the International Socialists19 Nov 2020ReportHN 2401MPS-073920802 Jul 1973Download (PDF, 426.76 KB)
    UCPI Evidence Hearings: Tranche 1 (Phase 3) | Day 717 May 2022TranscriptHN 2401Download (PDF, 239.35 KB)
    Index to bundle for hearing on 17 May 2022: Tab G (HN 294, HN 332, HN 357, HN 819, HN 2401, HN 3378)17 May 2022Hearing bundle indexHN 2401Download (PDF, 239.43 KB)
    Memorandum on SDS Transport Finances17 May 2022MemorandumHN 2401MPS-074770828 Nov 1973Download (PDF, 2.31 MB)
    1973 Special Branch C Squad Organogram by position17 May 2022OrganogramHN 2401MPS-073740108 Mar 2019Download (PDF, 1.65 MB)
    1973 Special Branch C Squad Organogram by named individual17 May 2022OrganogramHN 2401MPS-073740208 Mar 2019Download (PDF, 154.92 KB)
    First Witness Statement of HN2041 Anthony Greenslade17 May 2022Written statementHN 2401MPS-074776027 Jul 2021Download (PDF, 6.53 MB)

    Associated hearings

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