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HN 318


Management or back-office staff


Officer details

Cover name(s):


Real name:

Raymond Wilson

Cover name status:

  • Cover name unknown
  • Real name status:

  • Unrestricted
  • Police unit:

  • Special Demonstration Squad
  • Tranche:

  • Tranche 1
  • Deceased?


    Associated publications


    Publication Date Type Related to Reference Document date Link
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad & Metropolitan Police Service Applications18 May 2017DirectionHN 318Download (PDF, 28.16 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad21 Jun 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 7.13 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad23 May 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 10.06 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad26 Apr 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 5.2 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad28 Mar 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 8.82 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad22 Mar 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 8.25 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad07 Mar 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 3.96 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad14 Nov 2017Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 295.92 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad21 Feb 2019Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 2.41 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad13 Sep 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 3.75 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad30 Jul 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 8.09 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad25 Jan 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 7.74 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad15 Jan 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 3.4 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad29 Oct 2019Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 80.84 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad22 Jan 2020Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 168.02 KB)
    Special Branch file on Vietnam Solidarity Campaign (August 1968 - January 1969)02 Nov 2020FileHN 318MPS-072209929 Aug 1968Download (PDF, 63.39 MB)
    Special Branch report on a meeting of the VSC 27 October Ad Hoc Committee03 Nov 2020ReportHN 318MPS-073858318 Sep 1968Download (PDF, 366.76 KB)
    Special Branch report on a meeting of the IMG New Left Review on the subject of the 1968 'French Revolution'11 Nov 2020ReportHN 318MPS-073832727 Jul 1968Download (PDF, 7.63 MB)
    Special Branch report that French Communist Presidential candidate will be addressing a meeting in London11 Nov 2020ReportHN 318MPS-073836128 May 1969Download (PDF, 1.41 MB)
    Minute Sheet enclosing a report and attachment concerning the booklet "Sinn Fein - Yesterday and Today"12 Nov 2020Minute sheetHN 318MPS-072884420 May 1971Download (PDF, 388.15 KB)
    Special Branch report concerning a meeting of the Earls Court Vietnam Solidarity Campaign12 Nov 2020ReportHN 318MPS-073396912 Sep 1968Download (PDF, 1.87 MB)
    Special Branch report concerning a meeting of the October 27th Committee for Solildarity with Vietnam12 Nov 2020ReportHN 318MPS-073393904 Oct 1968Download (PDF, 1.45 MB)
    Special Branch Report concerning meeting of Libertarian Left Conference12 Nov 2020ReportHN 318MPS-073396709 Sep 1968Download (PDF, 1.34 MB)
    Minute Sheet signed by TN003512 Nov 2020Minute sheetHN 318MPS-073915319 Apr 1971Download (PDF, 124.45 KB)
    Gist of MPS Central Record of Service for Raymond Wilson12 Nov 2020GistHN 318MPS-072280004 Aug 1953Download (PDF, 156.58 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad25 Mar 2021Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 186.36 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad30 Mar 2021Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 579.18 KB)
    Index to bundle for hearing on 12 November 2020: Tab G (Ernest Tate) and Tab H (HN 329, HN 218, HN 334, HN 318, HN 323, HN 331, HN 327, HN 335, HN 68)12 Nov 2020Hearing bundle indexHN 318Download (PDF, 90.55 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad21 Sep 2021Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 664.03 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad11 Nov 2021Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 170.86 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad28 Feb 2023Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 222.65 KB)

    Associated hearings

    There are no hearings associated with this witness yet.

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