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HN 318


Management or back-office staff


Officer details

Cover name(s):


Real name:

Raymond Wilson

Cover name status:

  • Cover name unknown
  • Real name status:

  • Unrestricted
  • Police unit:

  • Special Demonstration Squad
  • Tranche:

  • Tranche 1
  • Deceased?


    Associated publications


    PublicationDateTypeRelated toLink
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad & Metropolitan Police Service Applications18 May 2017DirectionHN 318Download (PDF, 28.16 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad21 Jun 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 7.13 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad23 May 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 10.06 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad26 Apr 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 5.2 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad28 Mar 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 8.82 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad22 Mar 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 8.25 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad07 Mar 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 3.96 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad14 Nov 2017Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 295.92 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad21 Feb 2019Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 2.41 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad13 Sep 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 3.75 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad30 Jul 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 8.09 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad25 Jan 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 7.74 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad15 Jan 2018Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 3.4 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad29 Oct 2019Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 80.84 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad22 Jan 2020Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 168.02 KB)
    Special Branch file on Vietnam Solidarity Campaign (August 1968 - January 1969)02 Nov 2020FileHN 318Download (PDF, 63.39 MB)
    Special Branch report on a meeting of the VSC 27 October Ad Hoc Committee03 Nov 2020ReportHN 318Download (PDF, 366.76 KB)
    Special Branch report on a meeting of the IMG New Left Review on the subject of the 1968 'French Revolution'11 Nov 2020ReportHN 318Download (PDF, 7.63 MB)
    Special Branch report that French Communist Presidential candidate will be addressing a meeting in London11 Nov 2020ReportHN 318Download (PDF, 1.41 MB)
    Minute Sheet enclosing a report and attachment concerning the booklet "Sinn Fein - Yesterday and Today"12 Nov 2020Minute sheetHN 318Download (PDF, 388.15 KB)
    Special Branch report concerning a meeting of the Earls Court Vietnam Solidarity Campaign12 Nov 2020ReportHN 318Download (PDF, 1.87 MB)
    Special Branch report concerning a meeting of the October 27th Committee for Solildarity with Vietnam12 Nov 2020ReportHN 318Download (PDF, 1.45 MB)
    Special Branch Report concerning meeting of Libertarian Left Conference12 Nov 2020ReportHN 318Download (PDF, 1.34 MB)
    Minute Sheet signed by TN003512 Nov 2020Minute sheetHN 318Download (PDF, 124.45 KB)
    Gist of MPS Central Record of Service for Raymond Wilson12 Nov 2020GistHN 318Download (PDF, 156.58 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad25 Mar 2021Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 186.36 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad30 Mar 2021Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 579.18 KB)
    Index to bundle for hearing on 12 November 2020: Tab G (Ernest Tate) and Tab H (HN 329, HN 218, HN 334, HN 318, HN 323, HN 331, HN 327, HN 335, HN 68)12 Nov 2020Hearing bundle indexHN 318Download (PDF, 90.55 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad21 Sep 2021Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 664.03 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad11 Nov 2021Explanatory noteHN 318Download (PDF, 170.86 KB)

    Associated hearings

    There are no hearings associated with this witness yet.

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