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HN 3378


Management or back-office staff


Officer details

Cover name(s):


Real name:

Derek Brice

Cover name status:

  • Cover name unknown
  • Real name status:

  • Unrestricted
  • Police unit:

  • Special Demonstration Squad
  • Tranche:

  • Tranche 1
  • Associated publications


    PublicationDateTypeRelated toLink
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad25 Jan 2018Minded-to noteHN 3378Download (PDF, 701.69 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad11 Dec 2017DirectionHN 3378Download (PDF, 25.17 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad21 Jun 2018Explanatory noteHN 3378Download (PDF, 7.13 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad23 May 2018Explanatory noteHN 3378Download (PDF, 10.06 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad26 Apr 2018Explanatory noteHN 3378Download (PDF, 5.2 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad28 Mar 2018Explanatory noteHN 3378Download (PDF, 8.82 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad22 Mar 2018Explanatory noteHN 3378Download (PDF, 8.25 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad07 Mar 2018Explanatory noteHN 3378Download (PDF, 3.96 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad21 Feb 2019Explanatory noteHN 3378Download (PDF, 2.41 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad13 Sep 2018Explanatory noteHN 3378Download (PDF, 3.75 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad30 Jul 2018Explanatory noteHN 3378Download (PDF, 8.09 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad25 Jan 2018Explanatory noteHN 3378Download (PDF, 7.74 MB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad29 Oct 2019Explanatory noteHN 3378Download (PDF, 80.84 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad22 Jan 2020Explanatory noteHN 3378Download (PDF, 168.02 KB)
    Annual Report 197102 Nov 2020Annual reportHN 3378Download (PDF, 2.92 MB)
    Annual Report 197202 Nov 2020Annual reportHN 3378Download (PDF, 4.74 MB)
    Annual Report 197302 Nov 2020Annual reportHN 3378Download (PDF, 2.3 MB)
    Annual Report 197402 Nov 2020Annual reportHN 3378Download (PDF, 3.93 MB)
    Special Branch report concerning an active member of the Fulham and Hammersmith Branch of the International Socialists19 Nov 2020ReportHN 3378Download (PDF, 426.76 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad25 Mar 2021Explanatory noteHN 3378Download (PDF, 186.36 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad30 Mar 2021Explanatory noteHN 3378Download (PDF, 579.18 KB)
    Annual Report 197521 Apr 2021Annual reportHN 3378Download (PDF, 2.25 MB)
    Memorandum from Inspector Brice to Commander Operations concerning SDS expenditure21 Apr 2021MemorandumHN 3378Download (PDF, 185.72 KB)
    Memorandum signed by DI Brice concerning SDS expenditure21 Apr 2021MemorandumHN 3378Download (PDF, 190.84 KB)
    Special Branch letter enclosing minutes of a meeting between Security Service, Commander Rodger, Dixon, Saunders, HN294 and DS Smith held on 13 January 197221 Apr 2021LetterHN 3378Download (PDF, 3.71 MB)
    Security Service note for policy file concerning meeting between DCI HN294, DI Brice and Security Service to discuss queries from F1B desks21 Apr 2021NoteHN 3378Download (PDF, 10.47 MB)
    Minute sheet signed by MD Rodger, enclosing reports concerning the arrests and charges of demonstrators against the English Rugby Team's departure for South Africa28 Apr 2021Minute sheetHN 3378Download (PDF, 9.64 MB)
    Special Branch report by HN298 stating that Gerry Lawless plans to focus his political work primarily on TOM04 May 2021ReportHN 3378Download (PDF, 701.31 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad21 Sep 2021Explanatory noteHN 3378Download (PDF, 664.03 KB)
    Anonymity: Special Demonstration Squad11 Nov 2021Explanatory noteHN 3378Download (PDF, 170.86 KB)
    Special measures: HN 337805 Apr 2022RulingHN 3378Download (PDF, 104.03 KB)
    Minute Sheet and Memorandum concerning a meeting with the Security Service to discuss recent developments09 May 2022MemorandumHN 3378Download (PDF, 3.23 MB)
    UCPI Evidence Hearings: Tranche 1 (Phase 3) | Day 717 May 2022TranscriptHN 3378Download (PDF, 239.35 KB)
    Index to bundle for hearing on 17 May 2022: Tab G (HN 294, HN 332, HN 357, HN 819, HN 2401, HN 3378)17 May 2022Hearing bundle indexHN 3378Download (PDF, 239.43 KB)
    1973 Special Branch C Squad Organogram by position17 May 2022OrganogramHN 3378Download (PDF, 1.65 MB)
    1973 Special Branch C Squad Organogram by named individual17 May 2022OrganogramHN 3378Download (PDF, 154.92 KB)
    First witness statement of HN3378 dated 15 September 202117 May 2022Written statementHN 3378Download (PDF, 8.89 MB)

    Associated hearings

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