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PN 1748


Management or back-office staff


Officer details

Cover name(s):


Real name:

Riby Wilson

Cover name status:

  • Cover name unknown
  • Real name status:

  • Unrestricted
  • Police unit:

  • Special Demonstration Squad
  • Tranche:

  • Tranche 1
  • Deceased?


    Associated publications


    PublicationDateTypeRelated toReferenceDocument dateLink
    Penetration of Extremist Groups by Conrad Dixon02 Nov 2020PaperPN 1748MPS-072411926 Nov 1968Download (PDF, 1.28 MB)
    Special Branch report signed by Riby Wilson on the participation by aliens in public demonstrations02 Nov 2020ReportPN 1748MPS-073007802 Apr 1968Download (PDF, 4.3 MB)
    Special Branch file on Vietnam Solidarity Campaign (June 1968 - August 1968)02 Nov 2020FilePN 1748MPS-072209820 Jun 1968Download (PDF, 220.13 MB)
    Special Branch file on Vietnam Solidarity Campaign (August 1968 - January 1969)02 Nov 2020FilePN 1748MPS-072209929 Aug 1968Download (PDF, 63.39 MB)
    Exhibit ASR/9 to HN334's Witness Statement - photograph of UCOs03 Nov 2020ExhibitPN 1748MPS-073543913 Dec 2018Download (PDF, 1.44 MB)
    Special Branch report on a press conference held by the VSC Autumn Offensive Ad Hoc Committee11 Nov 2020Report PN 1748MPS-074219702 Oct 1968Download (PDF, 1.82 MB)
    Special Branch report by Wilson on tactics employed by Stop the Seventy Tour11 Nov 2020ReportPN 1748MPS-073622110 Apr 1970Download (PDF, 4.38 MB)
    Special Branch report on a meeting of the Camden branch of the VSC12 Nov 2020ReportPN 1748UCPI000000769929 May 1969Download (PDF, 1.53 MB)
    Special Branch report that a new branch of the BVSF is to be founded in North West London12 Nov 2020ReportPN 1748MPS-073647011 Feb 1969Download (PDF, 644.46 KB)
    Annual Qualification report - HN33512 Nov 2020ReportPN 1748MPS-073915419 Dec 1969Download (PDF, 233.95 KB)
    Special Branch report on a meeting of the Britain-Vietnam Solidarity Front to assess the future role of the organisation13 Nov 2020ReportPN 1748MPS-073268918 Mar 1969Download (PDF, 478.52 KB)
    Special Branch report concerning an upcoming demonstration of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign13 Nov 2020ReportPN 1748MPS-073163522 Mar 1969Download (PDF, 387.31 KB)
    Special Branch report regarding the IMG summer camp providing details on the discussions held about Irish issues13 Nov 2020ReportPN 1748UCPI000000788519 Aug 1969Download (PDF, 969.6 KB)
    Special Branch report authored by HN135 concerning a meeting of the Islington branch of the ICRSC13 Nov 2020ReportPN 1748UCPI000000861505 Dec 1969Download (PDF, 1.24 MB)
    Special Branch report on a demonstration organised by the Anti-Apartheid Movement29 Apr 2021ReportPN 1748MPS-074286025 Oct 1970Download (PDF, 14.35 MB)
    Special Branch report on a proposed VSC demonstration to take place on 1 May 196916 May 2022ReportPN 1748UCPI000000579818 Apr 1969Download (PDF, 716.83 KB)
    Special Branch report on proposed action by the Britain Vietnam Solidarity Front16 May 2022ReportPN 1748UCPI000001432630 Apr 1969Download (PDF, 172.22 KB)
    Exhibit WF/15 to HN3095's First Witness Statement - photograph of Riby Wilson and Roy Creamer16 May 2022ExhibitPN 1748MPS-074166301 Oct 2019Download (PDF, 1.57 MB)
    Gist of Central Record of Service for PN174816 May 2022GistPN 1748MPS-0735863Download (PDF, 146.09 KB)
    Index to bundle for hearing on 16 May 2022: Tab G (HN 103, HN 325, HN 474, HN 1251, PN 1748, HN 3093, HN 3095)16 May 2022Hearing bundle indexPN 1748Download (PDF, 223.95 KB)
    UCPI Evidence Hearings: Tranche 1 (Phase 3) | Day 616 May 2022TranscriptPN 1748Download (PDF, 472.34 KB)

    Associated hearings

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