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Deceased children’s identities

This preliminary issue considered: (i) whether the state has a duty to disclose to the parents of a deceased child that the identity of that child was used for police purposes, and (ii) if there is a public interest test to be applied what does it comprise and how is it to be measured.

A hearing took place on 22 June 2016, and the Chairman’s ruling was issued on 14 July 2016.

On 2 November 2016 the Inquiry Chairman issued a notice by which he invited parents or close relatives of deceased children who wish to know whether the child’s identity was used by undercover officers to contact the Inquiry by 22 December 2016. A question and answer sheet has been prepared to provide more information.

DateOriginatorType of document
15 Apr 2016InquiryDirections (#1)
28 Apr 2016InquiryRuling (legal representation)
28 Apr 2016InquiryRuling (costs)
17 May 2016InquiryNote (counsel) (#1)
27 May 2016Metropolitan Police ServiceSubmissions
01 Jun 2016National Police Chiefs' CouncilSubmissions
01 Jun 2016Home OfficeSubmissions
01 Jun 2016BindmansSubmissions
08 Jun 2016InquiryDirections (#2)
10 Jun 2016InquiryNote (counsel) (#2)
17 Jun 2016BindmansSkeleton argument
17 Jun 2016Metropolitan Police ServiceSkeleton argument
17 Jun 2016National Crime AgencySubmissions
22 Jun 2016InquiryTranscript
14 Jul 2016InquiryRuling
02 Nov 2016InquiryPublic notice

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