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Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

This preliminary issue will consider the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and the effects it may have on the Inquiry’s work, in particular in relation to evidence of ‘spent’ convictions.

The table below contains copies of all publicly available documents that relate to this subject.

Date OriginatorType of document
01 Mar 2017InquiryNote (Counsel) (#1)
01 Mar 2017InquiryDirection
27 Mar 2017Peter FrancisPosition statement
28 Apr 2017National Crime AgencyPosition statement
28 Apr 2017Metropolitan Police ServicePosition statement
28 Apr 2017Home OfficePosition statement
02 May 2017Non-police, non-state
core participants
Position statement
09 May 2017National Police Chiefs'
Position statement
27 Jun 2017InquiryNote (Counsel) (#2)
02 Aug 2017InquiryMinded to
14 Sep 2017Non-police, non-state
core participants
04 Oct 2017InquiryDirections
23 Oct 2017InquiryNote (Chairman) #1
23 Oct 2017InquiryDirections
08 Nov 2017Metropolitan Police ServiceSubmissions
14 Nov 2017InquiryNote (Chairman) #2
29 Nov 2017InquiryRuling

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