Internal guidance 

Further to the publication of the updated Restriction Protocol on 22 Jul 2020, the Inquiry has taken the decision to publish its internal guidance on Privacy, which operates alongside the Protocol. The section within the Protocol that deals with privacy can be found at paragraphs 26-49.

The publication of the Privacy Guidance does not in any way imply that the Inquiry will routinely publish other internal guidance in future. Rather, internal guidance will be published where the Inquiry considers it necessary to do so, having regard to its legal obligations (including its duties under personal data / privacy legislation) and where it is considered to be in the interests of transparency. The Inquiry may from time to time depart from such guidance in order not to undermine a restriction order. In doing so, the Inquiry may refer to additional closed note(s), which outlines where exceptions may be made to the general approach taken by the Inquiry.

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