Published evidence

Find all of the evidence and open grounds schedules published by the Undercover Policing Inquiry to date.

To view the non-evidence files and documents published by the Inquiry, please see the ‘Publications‘ page.


Open grounds schedules


The table below lists all evidence published by the Inquiry to date. By default, the list is ordered by publication date in descending order.

The document date refers to the original date of the document and not the date it was published by the Inquiry.

After you select a filter option, the table below will automatically update.


Open grounds schedules

In addition to the evidential documents, the Inquiry has also published some corresponding open grounds schedules. Where provided, these illustrate the reason for a numbered public interest redaction, by reference to the open generic grounds for restriction.

Given the high proportion of similar redactions sought on similar grounds, it has proved to be disproportionate to do this for all documents. A schedule will therefore not be provided where a document only contains redactions agreed on certain limited grounds. Any document which contains public interest redactions for other reasons will be accompanied by an open grounds schedule.

The open grounds schedules are linked to the corresponding document via the document reference number.