Restriction order applications

A simplified illustration of the process by which the Chairman determines anonymity applications by key individuals is set out in this flowchart. A detailed illustration of what is involved appears in the full process map.

The tables below contains links to:

  • the Chairman’s directions in respect of restriction order applications; and
  • the Chairman’s notes, rulings, ‘Minded to’ Notes, and orders.

Copies of the restriction order applications themselves can be found on the following pages:

 Notes, Rulings, ‘Minded to’ Notes, and Orders

19 Jul 2016CairoRuling
27 Jul 2016CairoRestriction order
10 Aug 2016Non-police, non-state anonymity'Minded to'
13 Sep 2016Non-police, non-state anonymityRuling
20 Oct 2016N10 (Lambert)'Minded to'
20 Oct 2016N14 (Boyling)'Minded to'
20 Oct 2016Risk assessmentsNote (Chairman)



16 Dec 2015Directions (at paragraph 44)
27 Jan 2016Directions (at paragraph 9)
15 Apr 2016Directions (at paragraph 7)
27 May 2016Directions (at paragraphs 5 and 6)
27 Jul 2016Directions (at paragraph 19)
22 Aug 2016Direction (withdrawal) (at paragraph 6)
29 Sep 2016Direction (at paragraph 7)
18 May 2017Directions