Legal principles and process

Restriction order applications will be determined in accordance with the ‘Legal Principles and Approach’ Ruling dated 3 May 2016.

The Inquiry has also provided a note to core participants in respect of risk assessments, dated 20 October 2016.

A simplified illustration of the process by which the Chairman determines anonymity applications by key individuals is set out in this flowchart. A detailed illustration of what is involved appears in the full process map.

On 4 December 2017 the Inquiry issued a consultation paper in respect of a proposal to change the process of applying for and determining anonymity
applications. Submissions were received from the Metropolitan Police Service, the non-police, non-state core participants (together with a supporting witness statement), and Peter Francis. On 31 January 2018 the Inquiry Counsel team published a note in response to the core participants’ submissions. At a hearing on 5 February 2018, the non-police, non-state core participants submitted an amended version of Annex A to Counsel to the Inquiry’s note.