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Appendix 2: List of abbreviations

1ACANAction Committee Against NATO
2ACPOAssociation of Chief Police Officers
3AILAnti-Internment League
4ALCARAFAll Lewisham Campaign Against Racism and Fascism
5ANCAnti-Nuclear Campaign
6APEXAssociation of Professional, Executive, Clerical and Computer Staff union
7AWAAnarchist Workers Association
8BNPBritish National Party
9BRAGBattersea Redevelopment Action Group
10BTOBritish Tri-continental Organisation
11BVSFBritain–Vietnam Solidarity Front
12CPE (M-L)Communist Party of England (Marxist–Leninist)
13CPGBCommunist Party of Great Britain
14DMCDambusters Mobilising Committee
15ELWAREast London Workers Against Racism
16FLAGFederation of London Anarchists Groups
17GLCGreater London Council
18HMICHer Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (until July 2017)
19ICRSCIrish Civils Rights Solidarity Campaign
20ILPIndependent Labour Party
21IMGInternational Marxist Group
22INLSFIrish National Liberation Solidarity Front
23IRAIrish Republican Army
24ISInternational Socialists
25ISCIrish Solidarity Campaign
26LSELondon School of Economics
27MPSMetropolitan Police Service
28MPSBMetropolitan Police Service Special Branch
29NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
30NFNational Front
31NICRANorthern Ireland Civil Rights Association
32NMDFNorthern Minority Defence Force
33NPOIUNational Public Order Intelligence Unit
34NVDAnon-violent direct action
35PDPeople’s Democracy
36PIRAProvisional Irish Republican Army
37RCPRevolutionary Communist Party
38RCTRevolutionary Communist Tendency
39RFRegistry File
40RMLLRevolutionary Marxist–Leninist League
41RWURevolutionary Women’s Union
42SDSSpecial Demonstration Squad
43SLSpartacus League
44SOSSpecial Operations Squad
45SPLSubversion in Public Life committee
46STSTStop the Seventy Tour
47SWPSocialist Workers Party
48TOMTroops Out Movement
49VSCVietnam Solidarity Campaign
50WLFWomen’s Liberation Front
51WLMWomen’s Liberation Movement
52WRPWorkers Revolutionary Party
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