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Core participants

A list of core participants is available here.

In deciding whether to designate a person or organisation as a core participant, the Chairman will consider the criteria set out in rule 5(2) of the Inquiry Rules 2006. In particular the Chairman will consider whether the person has played, or may have played, a direct and significant role in relation to the matters to which the Inquiry relates, or whether the person has a significant interest in an important aspect of the matters to which the Inquiry relates.

The Chairman will also consider whether the person may be subject to significant or explicit criticism during the proceedings of the Inquiry, or in the report when it is written. A core participant need not be a core participant for the whole of the matters in the terms of reference or for the entire duration of the Inquiry; they may just be a core participant for a specific part.

Core participants can have access to all of the public evidence relevant to their particular interest in the case.  In some cases, core participants can also have their reasonable legal costs paid. Section 40 of the Inquiries Act 2005 allows the Chairman to make awards for the cost of legal representation and the attendance of witnesses. Section 40 of the Inquiries Act 2005 gives the Chairman power to award expenses and legal costs to those who give evidence, whether or not they are core participants.

Access to information is not restricted to core participants; the Inquiry team will put all public evidence on this website. Transcripts of the hearings will be posted onto the website as soon as possible after a hearing, on the same day if possible. Lists of witnesses due to appear at the Inquiry will be posted on the website in advance of each hearing. It will also be possible for members of the public to attend many of the Inquiry’s hearings, to hear first-hand the evidence being given.

The following table contains copies of all the published documents in respect of core participants, representation and funding:

Date SubjectDocument typeNumber
07 Oct 2015Core participantsTranscript1
21 Oct 2015Core participantsRuling1
02 Nov 2015Core participantsRuling2
04 Nov 2015Legal representationTranscript1
09 Nov 2015Legal representationRuling1
16 Dec 2015Core participantsRuling3
16 Dec 2015CostsRuling1
16 Dec 2015Legal representationRuling2
27 Jan 2016Core participantsRuling4
27 Jan 2016CostsRuling2
27 Jan 2016Legal representationRuling3
11 Feb 2016Core participantsRuling5
11 Feb 2016CostsRuling3
11 Feb 2016Legal representationRuling4
17 Feb 2016CostsRuling4
15 Apr 2016Core participantsRuling6
15 Apr 2016CostsRuling5
15 Apr 2016Legal representationRuling5
28 Apr 2016Legal representationRuling6
28 Apr 2016CostsRuling6
25 May 2016Core participantsRuling7
25 May 2016Legal representationRuling7
25 May 2016CostsRuling7
06 Jun 2016Core participantsRuling8
08 Jun 2016CostsNote1
14 Jun 2016Core participantsRuling9
14 Jun 2016Legal representationRuling8
14 Jun 2016CostsRuling8
03 Aug 2016Core participantsRuling10
03 Aug 2016Legal representationRuling9
03 Aug 2016CostsRuling9
06 Sep 2016Core participantsRuling11
06 Sep 2016Legal representationRuling10
06 Sep 2016CostsRuling10
15 Dec 2016Core participantsRuling12
04 Jan 2017Legal representationRuling11
21 Feb 2017CostsRuling11
10 May 2017Core participantsRuling13
01 Aug 2017Core participantsRuling14
14 Sep 2017Legal representationRuling12
05 Dec 2017Core participantsRuling15
24 Jan 2018Core participantsRuling16
24 Jan 2018Legal representationRuling13
24 Jan 2018CostsRuling12
07 Feb 2018CostsRuling13
20 Mar 2018Core participantsRuling17
23 May 2018Core participantsRuling18
23 May 2018Legal representationRuling14
23 May 2018CostsRuling14
07 Jun 2018Core participantsRuling19
10 Jul 2018Legal representationRuling15
10 Jul 2018CostsRuling15
24 Jul 2018Core participantsRuling20
24 Jul 2018Legal representationRuling 16
31 Jul 2018Legal representationRuling17
31 Jul 2018CostsRuling16
20 Sep 2018Core participantsRuling21
20 Sep 2018Legal representationRuling18
20 Sep 2018CostsRuling17
10 Oct 2018Core participantsRuling22
25 Oct 2018Core participantsRuling23
25 Oct 2018Legal representationRuling19
25 Oct 2018CostsRuling18
30 Oct 2018Core participantsRuling24
04 Dec 2018Legal representationRuling20
04 Dec 2018CostsRuling19
06 Feb 2019Core participantsRuling25
14 Feb 2019Core participantsRuling26
14 Feb 2019Legal representationRuling21
14 Feb 2019CostsRuling20
21 Mar 2019Core participantsRuling27
07 May 2019Core participantsRuling28
07 May 2019Legal representationRuling22
07 May 2019CostsRuling21
11 Jun 2019Core participantsRuling29
11 Jun 2019Legal representationRuling23
11 Jun 2019CostsRuling22
17 Jul 2019Core participantsRuling30
29 Jul 2019Legal representationRuling24
29 Jul 2019CostsRuling23

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