Undercover Policing Inquiry

Getting to the truth of undercover policing and providing recommendations for the future

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Undercover Policing Inquiry

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Current status

Current status

The Inquiry is in its investigation phase and is preparing for evidence hearings, which are expected to start in June 2020. This includes processing new and outstanding anonymity applications, gathering evidence and witness statements and establishing arrangements for evidential hearings. From November 2019, the Inquiry will start to contact the first civilian witnesses to ensure they are aware of the Inquiry’s work, and give them the opportunity to provide statements.

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Taking part

The purpose of the Inquiry is to get to the truth, and anyone can submit evidence.

To date, the Inquiry has published the cover names of 69 undercover police officers from the Special Demonstration Squad. This is to enable members of the public to determine whether they were affected by undercover policing and come forward with evidence.


Why is the Inquiry happening? What is a core participant? When and how are cover names published? Find the answers to these questions and more in the FAQs section.

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