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Find information on the individuals and organisations involved in the Undercover Policing Inquiry, including core participants, undercover police officers, and other witnesses.

For information on the Inquiry team, please see the ‘About’ page.


Core participants

Core participants

Core participants are individuals or organisations that are likely to have been significantly involved or affected by undercover policing in England and Wales.  They can also be individuals or organisations that could be significantly impacted by the work of the Inquiry.

In some cases, core participants can have their reasonable legal costs paid.

There are currently 236 core participants, although some are unincorporated associations made up of multiple individuals.

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Taking part

If you had contact with undercover officers or would like to discuss providing evidence to the Inquiry, you can get in touch with the Inquiry in confidence by:

  • Emailing us at
  • Writing to us at PO Box 71230, London NW1W 7QH
  • Giving us a call on 0203 876 4750 or 0203 876 4760.

It is not necessary to be a core participant to receive funding for legal costs or give evidence to the Inquiry. Further information on contacting the Inquiry and becoming a core participant can be found in the core participant guidance.



Two undercover policing units – the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) and the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU) – have particular prominence for the Inquiry; however, other units across England and Wales also fall within its general remit.


The SDS was a covert unit that existed within the Metropolitan Police Service between 1968 and 2008.

Cover names

To date, the Inquiry has released the cover names of 69 undercover officers from the SDS. This is to enable members of the public to determine whether they were affected by undercover policing and come forward with evidence.

As with all participants in the Inquiry, officers have the right to request anonymity through a restriction order.

Cover names not subject to a restriction order continue to be published by the Inquiry once pre-publication checks have concluded.


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Herne nominal onlyHerne nominalCover name(s)Real name statusCover name statusDeployment(s)Dates active (start)Dates active (end)Decade active (start)Person typeID
1HN 1"Matt Rayner"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)London Boots Action Group/London Animal Action, Animal Liberation Front, West London Hunt Saboteurs199119961990Undercover police officer6,867
2HN 2"Andy Davey"UnrestrictedUnrestricted (published)London Boots Action Group/London Animal Action, Animal Liberation Front, Animal Liberation Front Support Group, London Animal Rights Coalition, Brixton Hunt Saboteurs199119951990Undercover police officer6,944
5HN 5"John Barker"UnrestrictedUnrestricted (published)Animal Liberation Front, London Greenpeace198719911980Undercover police officer6,945
10HN 10"Bob Robinson"UnrestrictedUnrestricted (published)London Greenpeace198419891980Undercover police officer6,946
104HN 104"Carlo Neri"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)No Platform/Antifa, Militant/the Socialist Party200020062000Undercover police officer6,947
106HN 106"Barry Tompkins"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Spartacist League of Britain197919831970Undercover police officer6,948
11HN 11"Mike Blake"UnrestrictedUnrestricted (published)South London Animal Movement198319871980Undercover police officer6,949
118HN 118"Simon Wellings"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Globalise Resistance, International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party, Dissent!200120072000Undercover police officer6,950
12HN 12"Mike Hartley"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party, Revolutionary Communist Group198219851980Undercover police officer6,951
122HN 122"Neil Richardson"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Revolutionary Communist Party, Class War198919931980Undercover police officer6,952
126HN 126"Paul Gray"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party, Anti-Nazi League197719821970Undercover police officer6,953
13HN 13"Desmond Loader", "Barry Loader"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Communist Party of England (Marxist-Leninist)197519781970Undercover police officer6,954
14HN 14"Jim Sutton"UnrestrictedUnrestricted (published)Reclaim the Streets, Earth First!, Essex Hunt Saboteurs199520001990Undercover police officer6,955
15HN 15"Mark Cassidy"UnrestrictedUnrestricted (published)Colin Roach Centre, Anti-Fascist Action, Independent Working Class Association, Republican Forum, Red Action199520001990Undercover police officer6,956
155HN 155"Phil Cooper"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party197919831970Undercover police officer6,957
16HN 16"James Straven"/"Kevin Crossland"UnrestrictedUnrestricted (published)Animal Liberation Front, Brixton and Croydon Hunt Saboteurs199720021990Undercover police officer6,958
18HN 18"Rob Harrison"UnrestrictedUnrestricted (published)Globalise Resistance, International Solidarity Movement, State of Emergency (aka State of Emergency Collective), No Borders200420072000Undercover police officer6,959
19HN 19"Malcolm Shearing"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Revolutionary Communist Party, Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist)198119851980Undercover police officer6,960
20HN 20"Tony Williams"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Revolutionary Communist Tendency, Direct Action Movement197819821970Undercover police officer6,961
200HN 200"Roger Harris"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party197419771970Undercover police officer6,962
218HN 218"Barry Morris"UnrestrictedUnrestricted (published)Vietnam Solidarity Campaign196819681960Undercover police officer6,963
25HN 25"Kevin Douglas"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Troops Out Movement198719911980Undercover police officer6,964
26HN 26"Christine Green"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Animal Liberation Front, West London Hunt Saboteurs, London Animal Action199419991990Undercover police officer6,965
296HN 296"Geoff Wallace"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party197519781970Undercover police officer6,966
297HN 297"Rick Gibson"UnrestrictedUnrestricted (published)Troops Out Movement, Big Flame197419761970Undercover police officer6,967
298HN 298"Michael Scott"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Young Liberals, Anti-Apartheid Movement, Workers Revolutionary Party197119761970Undercover police officer6,968
3HN 3"Jason Bishop"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Reclaim the Streets, Earth First!, Disarm DSEi199820061990Undercover police officer6,969
301HN 301"Bob Stubbs"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party197119761970Undercover police officer6,970
303HN 303"Peter Collins"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Workers Revolutionary Party197319771970Undercover police officer6,971
304HN 304"Graham Coates"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party, Zero Collective, Anarchy Collective, Libertarian Anarchist Group197619791970Undercover police officer6,972
321HN 321"William Paul Lewis"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Vietnam Solidarity Campaign, International Marxist Group196819691960Undercover police officer6,973
326HN 326"Douglas Edwards"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Anarchist groups, Independent Labour Party, Tri-Continental, Dambusters Mobilising Committee196819711960Undercover police officer6,974
329HN 329"John Graham"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Vietnam Solidarity Campaign, Revolutionary Socialist Students Federation196819691960Undercover police officer6,975
33HN 33/HN 98"Kathryn Lesley ( 'Lee') Bonser"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party, Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp198319871980Undercover police officer6,976
330HN 330"Don de Freitas"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Vietnam Solidarity Campaign196819681960Undercover police officer6,977
334HN 334"Margaret White"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Vietnam Solidarity Campaign196819681960Undercover police officer6,978
336HN 336"Dick Epps"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Vietnam Solidarity Campaign, International Marxist Group196919721960Undercover police officer6,979
339HN 339"Stewart Goodman"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party, Anti-Apartheid Movement197019711970Undercover police officer6,980
340HN 340"Alan Nixon"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Marxist Group, Irish Solidarity Campaign196919721960Undercover police officer6,981
299HN 299/HN 342"David Hughes"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Troops Out Movement, International Marxist Group, Anti-Internment League197119761970Undercover police officer6,982
343HN 343"John Clinton"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party197119741970Undercover police officer6,983
344HN 344"Ian Cameron"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Anti-Internment League, Northern Minorities Defence Force197119721970Undercover police officer6,984
345HN 345"Peter Fredericks"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Black Power movement, Operation Omega, Young Haganah197119711970Undercover police officer6,985
347HN 347"Alex Sloan"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Irish National Liberation Solidarity Front197119711970Undercover police officer6,986
351HN 351"Jeff Slater"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party197419751970Undercover police officer6,987
353HN 353"Gary Roberts"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party, International Marxist Group197419781970Undercover police officer6,988
354HN 354"Vince Miller"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party197619791970Undercover police officer6,989
356HN 356/HN 124"Bill Biggs"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party197719821970Undercover police officer6,990
43HN 43"Peter Johnson" "Peter Daley" "Peter Black"UnrestrictedUnrestricted (published)Youth Against Racism in Europe, Militant/the Socialist Party199319971990Undercover police officer6,991
44HN 44"Darren Prowse"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)British National Party200720072000Undercover police officer6,992
45HN 45"David Robertson"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Vietnam Solidarity Campaign, Banner Books197019731970Undercover police officer6,993
56HN 56"Alan 'Nick' Nicholson"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)British National Party199019911990Undercover police officer6,994
60HN 60"Dave Evans"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party, London Animal Action, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty199820051990Undercover police officer6,995
65HN 65"John Kerry"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament198019841980Undercover police officer6,996
66HN 66/EN 327"Edward David Jones", "Bob the Builder", "Edge", "Dave"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)London Rising Tide, Camp for Climate Action (Drax 2006)200520072000Undercover police officer6,997
67HN 67"Alan Bond"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party198119861980Undercover police officer6,998
68HN 68"Sean Lynch"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Vietnam Solidarity Campaign, Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association, Irish Civil Rights Solidarity Campaign, Sinn Féin (London)196819741960Undercover police officer6,999
77HN 77"Jaqueline Anderson"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Reclaim the Streets, Earth First!, WOMBLES200020052000Undercover police officer7,000
78HN 78"Anthony 'Bobby' Lewis"Minded to restrictUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party, Anti-Nazi League199119951990Undercover police officer7,001
79HN 79"Ross 'RossCo' MacInnes"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)United British Alliance200720072000Undercover police officer7,002
80HN 80"Colin Clark"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party, Anti-Nazi League197719821970Undercover police officer7,003
81HN 81"David Hagan"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party, Class War, Movement Against the Monarchy, Movement for Justice199620011990Undercover police officer7,004
82HN 82"Nicholas Green"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party, Red Action198219861980Undercover police officer7,005
85HN 85"Roger Thorley"UnrestrictedUnrestricted (published)Anarchist groups, Friends of Freedom Press Ltd197919841970Undercover police officer7,006
88HN 88"Timothy Spence"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Stoke Newington and Hackney Defence Campaign, Hackney Campaign Against the Police Bill198319871980Undercover police officer7,007
89HN 89[To be published]UnrestrictedUnrestricted (unpublished)[To be published][not published]Undercover police officer7,008
90HN 90"Mark Kerry"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party, City of London Anti-Apartheid Group198819921980Undercover police officer7,009
95HN 95"Stefan Wesolowski"UnrestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party198519881980Undercover police officer7,010
96HN 96"Michael James"RestrictedUnrestricted (published)International Socialists/Socialist Workers Party, Troops Out Movement197819831970Undercover police officer7,011
300HN 300"Jim Pickford" (dec'd)RestrictedUnrestricted (published)Pavement Collective, Freedom Collective, Battersea and Wandsworth Trades Council Anti-Fascist Committee, Kingston Anarchist Association, Wandsworth Anarchist Workers Association / South London Anarchist Workers Association, Federation of London Anarchist Groups197419761970Undercover police officer7,049


In or around 1986, the Special Branch network set up the Animal Rights National Index (ARNI). The ARNI developed into the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU) in or around 1999. In or around 2010, the NPOIU merged with two other units to become the National Domestic Extremism Unit.

The NPOIU’s role was to manage all intelligence considered to relate to domestic extremism. Their work included carrying out undercover policing operations.

Four NPOIU officers did not pursue applications to restrict their cover names, and they have already been identified on the Inquiry website: “Mark Stone”/Mark Kennedy, “Lynn Watson”, “Rod Richardson” and “Marco Jacobs”.


The Inquiry aims to be as open and transparent as possible. The default position for all core participants and witnesses is that they do not receive any anonymity; however, they are all entitled to make applications. Applications could be made because:

  • Some core participants – including people who have been deceived into relationships with officers – want their privacy respected.
  • Exposure of identities could put individuals at a present and ongoing serious risk of injury, or in extreme cases, death, because of the nature of the deployments they have undertaken.
  • Revealing identities could damage individuals or their family’s private life and contravene their human rights.

After considering applications, the Chairman makes a ruling on whether to grant or reject the application either in full or in part. If the application is successful, it will be followed by a restriction order, which is a protective measure under the Inquiries Act 2005.

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