Cover names

The table immediately below sets out details of the Special Demonstration Squad[1] officers whose cover names have been confirmed by the Inquiry. It will be updated as further details can be published.

The details given of groups/areas of deployment are provisional, and are provided to enable members of the public to identify whether they may have known officers who were deployed undercover and to prevent cases of mistaken identity. They are not intended to be a comprehensive list of groups with which the officer may have interacted, and do not constitute a factual finding by the Chairman that any group was or was not targeted. These are matters which remain under investigation.

As the former Chairman said in his opening remarks, all those with relevant evidence to give about the deployment of any of these officers are encouraged to contact the Inquiry in confidence. If you had contact with any of the following undercover police officers whilst they were using the cover names set out below then we would like to hear from you. Please see the contacts page for ways to get in touch with the Inquiry in confidence.

The second table below lists those officers whose cover names cannot be published because they are not known. The third table lists those officers whose cover names are restricted, and includes a link to the ruling granting a restriction order.

For further information on applications for anonymity by former members of the Special Demonstration Squad, including any applications for restriction orders made by the officers listed below, please see the Special Demonstration Squad anonymity applications page.

[1]References to the Special Demonstration Squad should be taken to include the Special Operations Squad, the Special Demonstration Squad and the Special Duties Section.

Table One: Where the cover name has been (or will be) released

Cover nameHerne nominalGroups/areas of deploymentDates active
"Jaqueline Anderson"HN 77Reclaim the Streets;
Earth First!;
2000 - 2005
“John Barker”HN 5London Greenpeace;
Animal Liberation Front
1987 - 1991
"Bill Biggs" (dec'd)HN356 / HN124Socialist Workers Party1977 - 1982
“Mike Blake”HN 11South London Animal
Movement (SLAM)
1983 - 1987
"Mark Cassidy"HN 15Colin Roach Centre;
Anti-Fascist Action;
Independent Working Class Association;
Republican Forum;
Red Action
1995 - 2000
"John Clinton"HN343International Socialists 1971 – 1974
"Andy Davey"HN 2Animal Liberation Front;
Animal Liberation Front Support Group;
London Boots Action Group/London Animal Action;
London Animal Rights Coalition;
Brixton Hunt Saboteurs
1991 – 1995
“Douglas Edwards”HN326Anarchist groups;
Independent Labour Party;
Tri-Continental; Dambusters
Mobilising Committee
1968 - 1971
"Dick Epps"HN336International Marxist Group; Vietnam Solidarity Campaign1969 - 1972
"Don de Freitas"HN330Vietnam Solidarity Campaign1968
"Peter Fredericks"HN345Black Power movement; Operation Omega;
Young Haganah
“Rick Gibson” (dec’d)HN297Troops Out Movement;
Big Flame
1974 - 1976
"Stewart Goodman"HN339Anti-Apartheid Movement;
International Socialists
1970 – 1971
“John Graham”HN329Vietnam Solidarity Campaign;
Revolutionary Socialist
Students Federation
1968 - 1969
"Christine Green"HN 26Animal Liberation Front; London Animal Action; West London Hunt Saboteurs1994 - 1999
"David Hagan"HN 81Socialist Workers Party;
Class War;
Movement Against the Monarchy;
Movement for Justice
1996 - 2001
"Peter Johnson"
"Peter Daley"
"Peter Black"
HN 43Youth against Racism in Europe; Militant/the Socialist Party1993 - 1997
“William Paul Lewis”HN321International Marxist Group;
Vietnam Solidarity Campaign
1968 - 1969
"Ross 'RossCo' MacInnes"HN 79United British Alliance2007
“Carlo Neri”HN104Socialist Party;
No Platform/Antifa
2000 - 2006
"Alan 'Nick' Nicholson"HN 56British National Party1990 - 1991
"David Robertson"HN 45Vietnam Solidarity Campaign;
Banner Books
1970 - 1973
“Bob Robinson”HN 10London Greenpeace;
Animal Liberation Front
1984 - 1989
"Michael Scott"HN298Young Liberals;
Anti-Apartheid Movement;
Workers Revolutionary Party
1971 - 1976
"Alex Sloan"HN347Irish National Liberation Solidarity Front1971 – 1973
"Bob Stubbs"HN301International Socialists/ Socialist Workers party1971 - 1976
“Jim Sutton”HN 14Reclaim the Streets;
Earth First!;
Essex Hunt Saboteurs
1995 -2000
“Roger Thorley”HN 85Friends of Freedom Press Ltd; anarchist groups1979 - 1984
“Simon Wellings”HN118Globalise Resistance;
Socialist Worker Party;
2001 - 2007
"Margaret White"HN334Vietnam Solidarity Campaign1968
[To be published]HN 1--
[To be published]HN 3
[To be published]HN 12
[To be published]
HN 13--
[To be published]HN 16--
[To be published]HN 19
[To be published]HN 44
[To be published]HN 60
[To be published]HN 67
[To be published] (dec’d)HN 68--
[To be published]HN 88
[To be published]
HN 89--
[To be published]HN106
[To be published]HN200
[To be published]HN218--
[To be published]HN296--
[To be published]HN304--
[To be published]HN340--
[To be published]HN353
[To be published] HN354--


Table Two: Where the cover name is not known

Herne nominalDetailsDates active
HN294 (dec’d)No cover name is known;
real name restricted
1968 - 1969
HN322No cover name is known;
Chairman is minded to restrict the real name
HN323 (dec'd)No cover name is known;
real name will be published
HN327 (dec'd)No cover name is known;
real name will be published
HN331 (dec'd)No cover name is known;
Chairman is minded to restrict the real name
1968 & 1969
HN335 (dec'd)No cover name is known;
real name will be published
HN338 (dec'd)No cover name is known;
Chairman is minded to restrict the real name
1970 and/or 1971
HN346 (dec'd)No cover name is known;
real name will be published
HN348No cover name is known;
Chairman is minded to restrict the real name


Table Three: Where the cover name is restricted

DetailsDates active
HN7Real and cover name restricted:
Ruling dated 3 Aug 2017;
Order dated 4 Sep 2017
[Not published]
HN123Real and cover name restricted:
Ruling dated 5 Dec 2017;
Order dated 8 Dec 2017
HN333Real and cover name restricted:
Ruling dated 5 Dec 2017;
Order dated 8 Dec 2017
1968 - 1969