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UCPI Opening Statements | Day 4

Thu 05 Nov 2020

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This hearing will be virtual and conduced remotely due to coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Oral opening statements on this hearing day will be streamed – in real-time – below. Recordings of the opening statements will remain available.

Live stream: morning session

Download video (MP4, 1.0GB)

Live stream: afternoon session

Download video (MP4, 1.4GB)
Hearing Details


Thu 05 Nov 2020


10:00 am - 5:30 pm


Time/Order Item

10:00 AM

Rajiv Menon QC (Core Participants represented by Richard Parry and Jane Deighton)

11:30 PM

Matthew Ryder QC (Core Participants represented by Mike Schwarz, Simon Creighton, Tamsin Allen and Jules Carey)

2:00 PM

Matthew Ryder QC (Core Participants represented by Mike Schwarz, Simon Creighton, Tamsin Allen and Jules Carey)

5:00 PM

Donal O’Driscoll (Category L Core Participant [appearing in person])

Associated publications


PublicationDateTypeReferenceDocument dateIndividualsHearing dayLink
Opening statement from Core Participants represented by Richard Parry and Jane Deighton04 Nov 2020 03:20 PMOpening statementAdvisory Service for Squatters, Audrey Adams, Duwayne Brooks OBE, Ernest Tate, Friends of Freedom Press Ltd, Ken Livingstone, Michael Zeitlin, Nathan Adams, Norman Blair, Piers Corbyn, Richard Adams, Tariq Ali05 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 334.35 KB)
Opening statement from Core Participants represented by Mike Schwarz, Simon Creighton, Tamsin Allen and Jules Carey05 Nov 2020 11:21 AMOpening statementAH, Albert Beale, Alex Hodson, Alex Owolade, Alice Cutler, Alice Jelinek, Alison Beth Stratford, Alistair Alexander, Amelia Gregory, AN, Andrew Clarke, Andrew Robertson, Anthony Thompson, Antonia Bright, Ben Leamy (aka Mark Morgan), Ben Stewart, Bernard Renwick, Brendan Delaney, Brendan Mee, Brian Farrelly, Brian Healy, Broadwater Farm Defence Campaign, Cardiff Anarchist Network, Carolyn Wilson, Celia Stubbs, Chris Dutton, Claire Fauset, Claire Hildreth, Climate Camp Legal Team, Colin Roach Centre, Dame Joan Ruddock, Dan Glass, Dave Morris, David Kaplowitz, Debbie Vincent, Defend the Right to Protest, Diane Abbott MP, Dr Graham Smith, Dr Harry Halpin, Ellen Potts, Ernest Rodker, FCA, Frances Wright, Gabrielle Bosely, Genetic Engineering Network, Geoff Sheppard, Gerrah Selby, Gráinne Gannon, GRD, Gwynedd Somerville, Hackney Community Defence Association, Hannah Dee, Hannah Lewis, Helen Steel, Ippy Gray, Jacqueline Sheedy, Jane, Jane Laporte, Jason Kirkpatrick, Jason Mullan, Jesse Schust, Juliet McBride, Karen05 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 511.2 KB)
Opening statement from Donal O’Driscoll05 Nov 2020 04:45 PMOpening statementDr Dónal O'Driscoll05 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 44.73 KB)
Anti-Apartheid Movement poster05 Nov 2020 06:11 PMPosterDOC00805 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 33.95 KB)
London Greenpeace original broadsheet05 Nov 2020 06:11 PMBroadsheetDOC00905 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 309.39 KB)
Photo of Bob Lambert at Unigate demo05 Nov 2020 06:11 PMPhotoDOC01005 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 290.58 KB)
Photo of John Dines on London Greenpeace stall at Anti-McDonald's fayre05 Nov 2020 06:11 PMPhotoDOC01105 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 310.47 KB)
Unigate flyer 198405 Nov 2020 06:11 PMFlyerDOC01205 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 2.68 MB)
Photo from Reclaim the Streets demo05 Nov 2020 06:11 PMPhotoDOC01305 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 48.44 KB)
Photo from 2000 Mayday demo05 Nov 2020 06:11 PMPhotoDOC01405 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 1.42 MB)
Photo from Aldermaston demo05 Nov 2020 06:11 PMPhotoDOC01505 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 234.59 KB)
Photo of Aldermaston spinning wheel05 Nov 2020 06:11 PMPhotoDOC01605 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 525.93 KB)
Photo of Kingsnorth Climate Camp05 Nov 2020 06:11 PMPhotoDOC01705 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 96.42 KB)
No to NATO' leaflet05 Nov 2020 06:11 PMLeafletDOC01805 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 107.57 KB)
Indian Workers' Assocation poster05 Nov 2020 06:11 PMPosterDOC01905 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 2.17 MB)
Photo of Blair Peach05 Nov 2020 06:11 PMPhotoDOC02005 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 630.2 KB)
Photo of Ricky Reel05 Nov 2020 06:11 PMPhotoDOC02105 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 89.25 KB)
Photo of Fairford Coach05 Nov 2020 06:11 PMPhotoDOC02205 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 27.65 KB)
Photo from Reclaim the Streets demo05 Nov 2020 06:11 PMPhotoDOC02305 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 27.65 KB)
UCPI Opening Statements | Day 405 Nov 2020 08:57 PMTranscript05 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 539.13 KB)
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