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Restriction orders – legal approach

The purpose of this preliminary issue was to identify the legal principles upon which the Chairman should decide applications for restriction orders under section 19(1) of the Inquiries Act 2005 (for example – applications for anonymity). A hearing took place on 22-23 March 2016 and the Chairman’s ruling was issued on 3 May 2016.

The table below contains links to all publicly available documents relating to this issue.

The Inquiry also received evidence from the Metropolitan Police Service said to be relevant to the legal principles (see paragraphs V.30, VI.3 and VII.3 of its submissions dated 12 February 2016), copies of which were circulated amongst the core participants.

DateOriginatorType of document
16 Dec 2015InquiryDirections (#1)
13 Jan 2016Cabinet OfficeWitness statement
21 Jan 2016National Police Chiefs' CouncilSubmissions (#1)
27 Jan 2016InquiryDirections (#2)
29 Jan 2016InquiryNote (Counsel) (#1)
12 Feb 2016Metropolitan Police ServiceSubmissions
12 Feb 2016National Crime AgencySubmissions
12 Feb 2016National Police Chiefs' CouncilSubmissions (#2)
12 Feb 2016Home OfficeSubmissions
19 Feb 2016Police officers represented by
Slater & Gordon
22 Feb 2016InquiryNote (Chairman)
7 Mar 2016Peter FrancisSubmissions
11 Mar 2016Non-state, non-police
core participants
14 Mar 2016MediaSubmissions
17 Mar 2016Elected RepresentativesSubmissions
21 Mar 2016Counsel to the Speaker of
the House of Commons
22 Mar 2016InquiryNote (Counsel) (#2)
22 Mar 2016InquiryNote (Counsel) (#2) (annex)
22 Mar 2016InquiryTranscript (1 of 2)
23 Mar 2016InquiryTranscript (2 of 2)
3 May 2016InquiryRuling

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