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The Inquiry has published Open versions of “Generic Restriction Order Documents”, which are intended to increase the efficiency with which the Inquiry is able to process the large number of applications to restrict the publication of information which the Inquiry expects to receive from police bodies and government agencies.  At the same time as publishing those Open generic documents, the Inquiry has also published the contents of a folder entitled ‘Tradecraft – Binder 2’, and related documents, which were held by the Special Demonstration Squad and provided to the Inquiry by the Metropolitan Police Service. The contents of the folder entitled ‘Tradecraft – Binder 2’ include the ‘Special Demonstration Squad Tradecraft Manual’.

The purpose of publishing the Open versions of these ‘tradecraft’ and associated documents at this stage is to provide a number of worked examples of documents which have been (a) determined as being relevant and necessary to the discharge of the Inquiry’s terms of reference and (b) the subject of restriction order applications using the generic grounds, generic evidence and generic submissions as well as specific evidence and submissions directed towards specific parts of the applications (in accordance with paragraph 16(ii) of the Restriction Protocol).

The redactions applied to these documents have been numbered within the documents and the documents are published together with a schedule which sets out the relevant Open ground(s) for restriction which is the basis for each redaction. In some instances, the redactions applied are provisional; for example, where a relevant decision on anonymity is pending. The Inquiry will keep these redactions under review and lift redactions as appropriate.

Any responses to these example documents should be provided to the Inquiry by 4pm on 19 April 2018. This is an opportunity for the Core Participants and media to make any specific submissions and submit any specific evidence that they wish the Inquiry to consider in relation to the restrictions which have been applied to these documents.

19 Mar 2018Counsel to the Inquiry's explanatory note
19 Mar 2018Special Demonstration Squad tradecraft manual and related documents
19 Mar 2018 Accompanying schedule of redactions

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