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UCPI Opening Statements | Day 3

Wed 04 Nov 2020

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This hearing will be virtual and conduced remotely due to coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Oral opening statements on this hearing day will be streamed – in real-time – below. Recordings of the opening statements will remain available.

Live stream: morning session

Download video (MP4, 1.6GB)

Live stream: afternoon session

Download video (MP4, 777MB)
Hearing Details


Wed 04 Nov 2020


10:00 am - 4:30 pm


Time/Order Item

10:00 AM

Oliver Sanders QC (Designated Lawyer Officers)

11:45 PM

Richard Whittam QC (Slater and Gordon Clients)

12:15 PM

David Lock QC (Peter Francis)

2:15 PM

Angus McCullough QC (Category M Core Participants)

3:30 PM

Rajiv Menon QC (Core Participants represented by Richard Parry and Jane Deighton)

Associated publications


PublicationDateTypeReferenceDocument dateIndividualsHearing dayLink
Opening statement from the Designated Lawyer Officers03 Nov 2020 01:55 PMOpening statementDesignated Lawyer officers04 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 579.84 KB)
Opening statement from Slater and Gordon Clients04 Nov 2020 11:38 AMOpening statement04 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 141.64 KB)
Opening statement from Peter Francis04 Nov 2020 12:09 PMOpening statementPeter Francis04 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 201.34 KB)
Opening statement from Category M Core Participants04 Nov 2020 02:07 PMOpening statement04 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 264.03 KB)
Opening statement from Core Participants represented by Richard Parry and Jane Deighton04 Nov 2020 03:20 PMOpening statementAdvisory Service for Squatters, Audrey Adams, Duwayne Brooks OBE, Ernest Tate, Friends of Freedom Press Ltd, Ken Livingstone, Michael Zeitlin, Nathan Adams, Norman Blair, Piers Corbyn, Richard Adams, Tariq Ali04 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 334.35 KB)
UCPI Opening Statements | Day 304 Nov 2020 07:42 PMTranscriptDesignated Lawyer officers, Peter Francis04 Nov 2020Download (PDF, 403.09 KB)
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