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Consultation on hearings practicalities

On 30 August 2018 the Inquiry published a consultation on the practicalities of running its upcoming evidence hearings.

To make sure that the hearings are as effective as possible, the Inquiry sought views on issues around how they should be run.

What the consultation asked

The consultation asked five specific questions:

  • how and when evidence should be posted on the Inquiry website
  • how best to facilitate witnesses giving their evidence
  • the level of support that witnesses in the Inquiry would wish to receive when giving evidence, and methods by which this may be provided
  • whether or not providing a small number of rooms for use by attendees other than witnesses would be needed
  • views on live streaming from potential witnesses and those wishing to have access to the proceedings

It ran until 12pm on Friday 28 September 2018.

Consultation document and responses

The consultation and the submissions received are in the table below.

30 Aug 2018InquiryConsultation document
27 Sep 2018Peter Francis Submission
27 Sep 2018Home SecretarySubmission
27 Sep 2018Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police ServiceSubmission
27 Sep 2018Designated Lawyer Officers, Metropolitan Police ServiceSubmission
27 Sep 2018Guardian News & MediaSubmission
28 Sep 2018Category M Core ParticipantsSubmission
28 Sep 2018National Police Chiefs’ CouncilSubmission
12 Oct 2018Non-State Non-Police Core ParticipantsSubmission

Next steps

The Inquiry had originally intended to publish the responses alongside its response to the hearings consultation.

However they were published due to a request from some core participants that they may find it useful to see them in advance of a hearing on privacy at 10am on 31 January 2019 in Court 76 of the Royal Courts of Justice.

The hearing was to seek views on how to comply with privacy laws, while conducting hearings in as transparent a way as possible.

Following this hearing, the Inquiry will publish its response and a hearings protocol in due course. 

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