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Applications by Metropolitan Police Service: Special Demonstration Squad

On 5 and 6 April 2017 the Inquiry held a hearing to determine two applications by the Metropolitan Police Service:

  1. for an extension of time for restriction order applications on behalf of police officers formerly employed by the Special Demonstration Squad; and
  2. in respect of the Inquiry’s approach to those restriction order applications.

The Chairman determined those applications in a ruling dated 2 May 2017.

A copy of the ruling appears in the table below, together with the applications themselves, Counsel to the Inquiry’s notes, and the core participants’ submissions (listed in order of receipt).

15 Feb 2017InquiryDirections
23 Feb 2017Metropolitan Police ServiceSkeleton
02 Mar 2017InquiryNote (Counsel) (#1)
22 Mar 2017Home OfficeSubmissions
22 Mar 2017Slater and GordonSubmissions
22 Mar 2017Peter FrancisSubmissions
23 Mar 2017National Crime AgencySubmissions
23 Mar 2017Trades union core participantsSubmissions
23 Mar 2017National Police Chiefs' CouncilSubmissions
23 Mar 2017Non-police, non-state core participantsSubmissions
30 Mar 2017Metropolitan Police ServiceSubmissions
30 Mar 2017Metropolitan Police ServiceFlowchart
04 Apr 2017InquiryNote (Counsel) (#2)
02 May 2017InquiryRuling
18 May 2017InquiryDirections

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